Thoughts on ebooks

I got my first ebook today for the iPad. I've kinda been holding out for a long time. What can I say I love reading books. That can sit on a shelf. With pages. And dust jackets. I love the feel and the smell. I love the weight. I love going to book stores and libraries. I just love reading real books. Anyway I've been itching to read the Red Pyramid for a little while now. So on his way home Denny stopped at Border's and Half Price Books to look for it. Neither one had it. So he bought me the ebook. I'm kinda excited to test out this new technology. I do see some of the benefits of ebooks, but I don't think they will ever take away from my love of real books. I will still buy actual books when I can. I still dream of having a house with a library in it. However I am a little intrigued by being able to read a book on my iPad or phone.

I find it really sad that Border's is going out of business and I know a huge factor in it is ebooks. It's sad because if a huge superstore like Border's is going under then you have to think of all the Mom and Pop book stores that are hurting from this also. And those are the best kinds of book stores. What do you think? Are you on team ebook or team real book? Am I one of the last remaining few?


Barlow Fam said...

I have to say, I too love a real book, but... I love reading Ebooks also. Love the ease. Love not having to hold the book open when I'm eating or in the bath or something, love that I don't lose my page if I fall asleep. I didn't think it would be the same as curling up with a book. It is. The exact same. I love that I can take a whole library with me on a trip. I love the ease that's coming with ebooks and being able to get them from the library and share them with friends (one of my big Kindle hangups that's now fixed). Anyway, there's my two cents. Enjoy Red Pyramid, I too want to read it and haven't yet. ;)

Miggy said...

Hi. Ahem...so I would probably love to come to some sort of SA mom gathering--if it happens to work out schedule wise and If that's OK...could you send me the details? thislittlemiggy@gmail.com. I sorta have a friend shortage right now. :)