Make Me Pretty May: Fabric Scrap Necklace

This was the perfect little project to get me back in the swing of things. It required no money, no trip to the store and very little time & effort. I have a nice big box full of fabric scraps that I raided and about an hour later I have a fun colorful springy necklace. I wish I had someone here who could take a picture of me wearing it but I don't and I generally don't like to take pictures of myself in a mirror. They never turn out good. So this will have to do. I used this tutorial by Rubyellen from Cakies. There is a great picture of it being worn with that tutorial. The one pictured is three strands I only did two because they seemed a lot fatter than the ones pictured. I think it still works though either way. It's a fun way to jazz up a t-shirt. I love how it feels really casual for everyday wear.
Here are a few more tutorials for braided fabric accessories.

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