Why?!!? This is me on my soapbox... again...

I had a conversation today that got me thinking about why I blog or post on Facebook about certain things. Why open myself up like that. Last week I put up a post on Facebook about how Miss. S was picked on by some older kids and how sad that made me. It got a lot of responses and I thought it was really interesting to read all the comments. Whether we agree or disagree on a topic I love a good discussion. I think that social media has opened up a lot of doors to have a more open dialogue about the things that effect our daily lives. Certain things I would never post about here or on Facebook. Politics being one of them. But things like how to handle a bully, or breast feeding are things that I feel ok bringing up in a public forum such as this. I feel like there is a lot to gain from starting a discussion on some of the issues we face in our lives. You can get a lot of great suggestions and help from what other people have gone through. Also by sharing our experiences with others we may be helping and supporting someone with something that they are dealing with in their life at that moment with out even knowing. When I posted about Breast feeding it wasn't to gain sympathy from others (although all the out pouring of support was amazing). I thought by sharing my experience maybe someone else could gain something from it. Also I felt it was important to breach a subject about how woman should support one another and not be so judgmental. When I did the book review on Baby Wise it wasn't to say that one way of parenting a newborn is better than others. It was to share what worked for us and to get feed back from others about what worked for them (BTW Baby #2 is doing quite well on Baby Wise so far). I'll say it again. I love a good discussion. I love reading your comments (so please leave more). Usually when I bring something up it's because it's something I am struggling with or need help with. I love seeing everyone's different views. I learn so much from it. I will never post something with the intention to offend anyone. So if you are offended by a topic, post or comment then I apologize. I try to be very respectful toward the views of others. I feel like most people are really respectful and contribute to a good healthy dialogue. We live in a time where we are lucky to have the technology that gives us a platform for discussion. I hope that I can continue to have these moments of great learning from those of you who read this blog or who I'm friends with on Facebook. It has enriched my life and I plan to continue posting about things that matter to me. Thanks for all your wonderful feedback. I hope that you gain as much from it as I do.

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