Style Watch: Long Skirts

Usually when I see a new trend emerge it will take me a little while to come around to it. I remember when I first saw someone with skinny jeans on. I wanted to barf. I just didn't get it. Now I own 3 pairs. It took me a while to embrace that one. This is one trend that I didn't need to warm up to.
All images found via Pinterest
I loved the longer skirt instantly. You might think the one on the left isn't really a long skirt, but it's longer than most out there and she is wearing it high on her waist so I'm including it. I especially love the tea length skirt on the right. All of these girls seem to be shaped the same though. So I wonder if a more curvy girl like myself could pull off a long skirt or if it would just look like a big blob of fabric walking around. I still think I'll give it a shot. It's the perfect summer outfit for San Antonio. It's so dang hot here skirts are actually ideal.


Amanda said...

I love long skirts as well-- they cover my Not-So-Skinny-Legs well :)

Beth said...

Yes! I am so happy about this!!!

Bailey said...

If anyone can pull this look off it's you Beth. And don't forget the cutest look for a pregnant belly is a Maxi Dress.

Beth said...

Bailey - I agree!!! But I will say, I am at a loss when it comes to the t-shirt under the maxi-dress (garment issue). Do you have any advice??? Maybe you should do a post on making maxi dresses modest. I guess I just don't like white shirts underneath. Maybe a really fitted gray or I do have a nice light blue fitted v-neck from H&M that looks pretty cool under a tank. But still - you are so good with fashion I think it would be a good post.