Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo. I was just way too excited about the dinner I just ate. Denny made crepes. Then he baked them with Swiss cheese, black forest ham and an egg. Top it off with coarse salt and pepper. Delicious. It's from the January issue of Every Day Food. We were surprised by how simple it is to make them. I always thought crepes were incredibly hard. They aren't. You can get that issue for free on the iPad and it includes videos and all kinds of extras. It's great! Anyway Make it. You will not be disappointed!

Oh and dessert wasn't half bad either. Crepes with nutella and bananas. Mmmmmm!

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Beth said...

Those look sooo good. I always think crepes are hard, too, and probably skimmed over that recipe b/c I get Everyday Food. Maybe I will try.