Simple Skirt Take Two

I'm calling this her "Polka Dot Party" skirt. I love it! I have decided that I might not ever purchase another shirt for her again. Why buy them when they are so easy to make? How easy? Easy enough that my 10 year old niece could make it. That's how easy. As you can see this time I went with the two-tiered simple skirt. It is just as easy as the single layer skirt. It didn't photograph very well but let me tell you it is pretty stinking cute. This is not the last you've seen of these skirts from me. I'm on a roll. And if you've been thinking about trying to make one these I say do it! You will love the end result.


Marie said...

Love it! How do you find the time?!?! I want to make one so bad!

Bailey said...

I'm lucky that both kids take a good long nap every afternoon. So that gives me some time to myself.