Paperless Post

I sent my Dad an e-card for Father's Day. I'm pretty sure I was much more excited about it than he was. I wasn't expecting to not have a car all last week so I didn't get to mail anything off to him. So I sent him an e-card. And I was actually pretty excited about it. I have seen several posts on other blogs over the past month about Paperless Post. What I saw was pretty impressive. I mean really pretty and classy. So I was looking for an excuse to try it out. I know it sounds a little silly to get excited about an e-card but just look at these designs. They have so many to choose from and for all different occasions. It really is worth a look. I'm tempted to just do e-cards for the rest of the year. If I got one of these in my in box I might just do a little dance. Really.

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