My Favorite Tradition

I love celebrating Father's Day. Dad's work hard. They do so much and they deserve to feel special. Every year for Father's Day Miss. S has painted a special Father's Day painting for Denny. The first Father's Day she was only 9 months old so I helped out quite a bit. Each year she takes over a little more. This year she pretty much did the whole thing by herself. Well besides a little help from Mr. Z's foot (our son has some crazy feet!).
Out of any holiday tradition this is by far my favorite. S has so much fun painting with the "special" paints and she gets so excited to give Denny something she made with her own two hands. It is truly something special for everyone. Plus don't they look so cute all lined up like that? This years piece isn't in the above photo (Duh! Can't ruin the surprise!) but let me tell you she did a great job. She picked out everything from the canvas to the colors. It was so much fun!


Katrina Wiese said...

This is a great tradition! We did this for Christmas presents for all Grandparents and Aunt/Uncles last year. They do turn out super cute. I Modge-Podged the tops to seal them. Everyone loved them!

Bailey said...

I didn't even think to use Modge Podge. That is so smart!

Katrina Wiese said...

Thanks! It was the first time I ever used Modge Podge, now I'm hooked!

I used a bristle brush and dabbed it on and using the Matte Modge Podge makes it look like actual canvas once it dries and it prevents it from flaking.