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This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to give a Back to School Fashion activity for the Young Woman (12-18 years old) of our church. It was so much fun for me to plan and present this activity. I may not look like a girl that knows a lot about fashion as I generally prefer jeans and a t-shirt. However I am kind of obsessed. I think I've mentioned here before that I used to work at a modeling agency in Los Angeles called Rage Models and Talent. Through that agency I was able to form working relationships with several designers and their teams. It was a time in my life that I absolutely loved. Through that job I learned a thing or two about the fashion industry and it was so much fun to pass along some of that wisdom to these young girls.
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Since it was a church activity we of coarse focused our attention on modesty. We wanted to approach modesty in a different way. By combining the spiritual aspect of why we should dress modestly and the fun fashion side of it. A lot of people don't put modesty and fashion together. But for me I think they most certainly should. Girls these days have such pressure to follow the crowd and unfortunately middle school and high school girls think that dressing immodestly is what will get them noticed. Unfortunately it will get them noticed but for all the wrong reasons. So one of my goals was to show them real life examples of fashionable modern woman. I found tons and tons of photos of modest fashion on runways, in magazines, on blogs, and on the street to show them. Truly modesty is every where and modesty is one thing that will stand the test of time.
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This activity was a great reminder to me. Sometimes I feel a little silly or embarrassed when doing fashion posts on this blog. I mean it's not a fashion blog (I would consider this a lifestyle blog). I might feel a little out of my league. But I was reminded that I love it. I was given an opportunity 6 years ago to learn and be immersed in a fascinating and unique industry. I did learn a lot from working at Rage. So why not share what I know and love. I was also reminded that our youth today should be admired. They are incredible and inspiring. In a world full of pressure from peers, the media and so much more they are constantly impressing me with their strength. We should all look up to the youth of today as examples in our lives. All in all Wednesday night was a great night for me. I hope that some day I'll get to have another experience like it. And you can look forward to many more fashion posts here on this blog.
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