I know this is a weird picture. Last week I walked into the kitchen and this is how I found Jessie. It just made me laugh and I had to take a picture. 

You know how bad things always happen in three's. Well the same goes for getting lost or losing things (I guess that qualifies for bad things huh?) Example...

1. Miss. S lost her Jessie Girl. Yes the one hanging upside down by her boots in the above photo. I think she was left behind at the Faust St. Bridge in New Braunfels. If she was then she is pretty lucky to get lost in such a lovely place. Miss. S was so very sad.

2. This morning I couldn't find my bathing suit and my sunglasses. Luckily the bathing suit was found. However my beloved sunglasses are officially lost. I think that means a new pair is on the horizon.

3. Today on my way to a play date at the park I got seriously lost. I mean for like an hour. It was terrible. Eventually I found my way but it was touch and go for a while there.

I've decided that feeling lost is one of the worst feelings in the world. I'm not the type of person that gets lost or looses things very often. So when it happens to me I kinda panic and get all flustered. I think I need to recuperate with a nap. Yes a nap seems appropriate. Both kids are sleeping and this Momma needs it.

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