September Salad: Day 15

Day 15: romaine, celery, cucumber, avocado, red bell pepper, black beans, corn, honey mustard Vinaigrette.

Today's salad is very similar to yesterday's. At this point in the week I'm using up as much produce in my fridge as I can before it goes bad. I'm a much better shopper when it comes to produce now. And eater for that matter. I know what will last and what doesn't. The things that don't last long make it into salads at the beginning of the week. Such as Strawberries. Now I'm working on the things that have been in there a while longer. Like the celery. This may seem obvious to some but for me the non-veggie eater I've had to learn this. Another thing I've learned is that I need to find other ways to add in calories. I'll do another post all about that tomorrow though.

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