Keep Calm Over Done?

There was a great post on Curbly yesterday about the Keep Calm and Carry On Posters that are often seen on design sites these days. Apparently some people think they are "So Over". I admit that I have seen my fair share of these posters in a variety of colors and variations on the internet but I have to say I still love them. Also I'd like to point out that much like the author of the Curbly post I have never actually seen one in person. A few weeks ago I saw this take on the classic British war time poster on the Etsy Shop Megalerie and I was smitten.
I love how it keeps the integrity of the slogan, but it gives it a new spin. It's refreshing. What do you think? Is it so over? Or do you still appreciate the history and meaning behind it? There are some great comments on that post you should take a look at if it is something that interests you.

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