My Favorite Receiving Blankets

When I had Miss. S my sister Jessy gave me three receiving blankets that we used all the time. They were really simple. One layer of flannel with the edges finished. The reason they were so great was they were huge, the flannel sticks well to itself so she couldn't wiggle out of it, and they were warm but not too warm. Living in San Antonio that was important. I knew when I got pregnant this time around that I wanted plenty of those same blankets. So when I was in Utah my Mom and I bought enough fabric for five. These blankets are so easy. A cut of a yard and quarter of fabric will make a square on most fabrics (most flannels I think are 45 inches wide. Please correct me if I'm wrong). So you buy 1 1/4 yards of fabric make sure it's a square and then finish off the edges. I did this by folding the edges over twice, ironing them, then sewing them in place. That's it! You have a receiving blanket. Pretty easy! When Miss. S got older and no longer used the blankets I made these jammies for her! So you can get multiple uses out of one piece of fabric.
This is the first thing we have for this little guy. We haven't purchased or made anything else for him. No cloths, no toys, not a thing. I only have 10 weeks left so I better get things going!

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