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I wanted to post something else but I'm having some trouble with the photos. Stay tuned though cause I think it's a good one. Let's just say I was busy this weekend. Very busy. So instead I thought I would share just a few of the little things that made me happy this past week. My grocery store finds!

On Drugstore.com it says it's $5.99 but I think I got it at my grocery store (HEB) for around $2. Seriously cheap. I know what you're thinking right now. It's a myth. Cocoa butter doesn't really help stretch marks. However I got stretch marks in high school when I went through a growth spurt. I got them when I was a freshman in college when I gained a lot of weight. I did NOT get them when I was pregnant with Miss.S. I used this stuff everyday and not a single stretch mark was formed. So I'm using it again, and knock on wood I hope it works again. Plus the smell reminds me of the beach and it makes your skin feel so good. So for $2 it is well worth it.

2. Target Brand Premium Cotton Balls.
They don't have a link on their site for this specific type of cotton ball, and you do have to be specific. If you get the Jumbo Cotton Balls they aren't as good. You have to get the Premium. On the bag it says "Cotton Balls Premium Jumbo Plus Size 100% Cotton All Natural" Then in bold italics it says Puffier Stuff. They were not kidding. These cotton balls are huge & wonderful. Also around $2. Totally worth it for the feeling of luxury when taking off your eye make up (I know. A little dramatic.)

I know I know I know $7.49 is pretty steep for deodorant. I don't care. It's worth the splurge. The name is really corny but it smells so good and it works so good. So right now it's my favorite. When I first got it Denny would compliment me all the time on how I smelled. I figured it had to be the deodorant cause I hadn't changed anything else. Plus the clinical protection really is that much better. Trust me I live in San Antonio.

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