Garland... Not Just for Christmas Anymore

I feel like every holiday deserves some sort of Garland. I made this one last year for Valentine's Day, but seeing as though it was paper it didn't last. My sisters made similar garlands last year also, but out of felt. So really this idea came from them. However Valentine's Garlands are all over the internet. Just do an image search and you will find awesome inspiration. This is a great project to get your kids involved with. If your child is old enough to cut out simple shapes then enlist them to help cut out the hearts. Kids love crafts! For this one I used 4 sheets of felt (2 red & 2 white). I made a pattern for the big hearts first and cut out 9 of the red and 8 of the white. Then I just trimmed the pattern a little smaller for the small hearts and cut out 9 white and 8 red. Glue gunned the small red to the big white and the small white to the big red, then sewed them all in a row. I quickly learned that my hearts were too fat to do it end to end. So side by side it will have to be. It really doesn't matter. It looks cute either way, but if you want to do it end to end make the hearts a little longer rather than fatter. It really is very simple and takes no time at all.

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