Organization Step 1: De-cluttering the Computer

Yesterday I spent nap time de-cluttering my email accounts. You would never believe how much work that was. Are you like me where you have a problem deleting unwanted and unneeded emails? It's a big problem with me. I didn't know it was a problem until my Husband wouldn't let me put my email account on his iPad because of all the crap it contained. So I went through and unsubscribed to all businesses sending me advertisements. Deleted most emails that I didn't need anymore. Deleted all corney forwards. Read all unread mail. I'm embarrassed to say it was quite the task. It was the first step though in simplifying and organizing for the New Year. I think it's good every now and then to go through your computer and delete things you don't need. Emails, files, pictures ect. Frees up space on your computer and makes it run smoother. Since I spend a lot of time on my computer this will make life much nicer for me. Today I'm tackling our photos. Which is an even bigger task. As this is the number of photos we're working with. I need to delete all the duplicates, out of focus and just not very great pictures. Wish me luck cause I'm going to need it.

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