Starting The Year Off Right

I know I know. It's already the fourth! Yikes! I love New Year's. There's always so much to look forward to. It's almost like having a clean slate. 2010 was not the easiest of years, but I have to say I learned a lot this past year. It had it's good moments, but I'm definitely ready to move on to 2011. In 2010 I made several New Year's "Hopes" (resolutions sounds so strict) and actually accomplished some of them. Yay! This year my biggest focus is adding this baby boy to our life. There are a couple more things that I want to keep in mind though through out the year. I want to really simplify my life. Which means getting rid of a lot, organizing the things that are kept and not letting the "things" around me effect my mood. If I simplify my surroundings I will be a much happier person. Also by nature I'm a pretty shy person. Along with that I'm extremely self conscious. Sometimes this makes it hard for me to take chances. This year I want to try to put myself out there more, be a little braver. Over my vacation I watched the new Alice in Wonderland (heard not so good things about it, but ended up loving it). One part in particular has stuck in my mind. The Mad Hatter says to Alice "You're not the same as you were before. You were much more muchier... You've lost your muchness." Later in the movie Alice does something very gutsy and asks the Hatter "How's this for muchness?" That's what I'll be looking for this year. My muchness. So my two words of the year are Simplify and Muchness. Just three New Year's "Hopes" to think about (including Baby Boy). I think I can handle three. I feel good things on the horizon for 2011!


Aubrey Jane said...

Three is a good goal number! It sounds accomplish-able. Good luck!

Judy said...

I like the "muchness" one. We all could be a little more brave about sticking up for what we feel is right. Thanks, Bai