Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths

When I had Miss. S I got a lot of burp cloths as gifts. A lot! This time around I got zero. Last night I was cleaning out her closet so we could have room for this little guy and I found 6 cloth diapers. Let's be honest cloth diapers make the best burp cloths. They are super absorbent. My sister had made Miss. S about 12 burp cloths when she was born by just simply trimming the ends in cute grosgrain ribbon. So I thought I'd do the same.

Simply was what I thought. Simply was not what I got. I believe that honesty is the best policy so I'll be quite frank with this one. Sometimes sewing projects aren't fun. Sometimes they fail. I guess they didn't fail. They turned out ok looking, but it was a pain to even get three done. I have three more to tackle tomorrow. Maybe it's because I'm a perfectionist and I had to make sure they were done oh so perfectly. I don't know. I just did not enjoy making these at all. I don't know how my sister managed to do 12. I'll finish the last three tomorrow, and I'm sure they will turn out cute enough. But will I have fun doing it. Probably not. My advice to you if you want to try these out is don't waist your time. You will just end up frustrated. Maybe my sister Aubrey has better advice than I do though. The ones she made turned out amazing. Sometimes things don't turn out as planned. Sometimes it's harder than you expect or they just don't look right. There is however always something to be learned along the way. I guess you can apply the same things to sewing as you do to life.

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Aubrey Jane said...

I made you 12 burp cloths??? TWELVE?!?! Wow! I am amazing. I'm sure they are flawed...just keep going. Yours will be great and they will get the job done.