In the Home Stretch

We are in the final few weeks before we have another little baby in the house. I would love it to be a little sooner. I'm sure everyone at this point feels like that. It's crazy to think we will not only have one little person to be responsible for but two. It's exciting, but a little scary at the same time. Most of all we are excited to meet him. We're curious to see if we will have another blondie or maybe he'll look a little more like his Mommy. I'm anxious to see what his temperament will be and what he will bring to our little family. I'm ready to know him.

I still have a couple more projects I want to get done before he arrives. So I'm going to keep blogging every day until I we go to the hospital. Then it might be a little more sparse. Hopefully we'll get our schedule back on track quickly though. Cross your fingers for us!

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