Ladybug Music

After my post about the Rockabye Baby CD's a friend of mine from our Encino days left me a comment about more kids music. Her name is Beth and she works as a music teacher for Ladybug Music in Studio City CA. She is an incredibly talented lady! She thought I might want to see what Ladybug Music is all about. So she sent me a couple of CD's to listen to. Well we got them in the mail on Friday and we haven't stopped listening to them yet. Miss. S absolutely loves them, and as for me I really enjoy them too. There are a lot of familiar tunes all with a new spin on them. Also a lot of original songs that your kids will fall in love with and will become standards in your home. They are all really funky and fun. I even find Miss. S singing some as she is playing in her room. So far her favorite is Tiny Tim. Please check out their web site. You can listen to a few songs and purchase CD's. I believe you can not only purchase the CD's but they have them for sale on iTunes as well. It has me wishing there was a Ladybug Music class here in San Antonio. Maybe someday!

Oh and if my recommendation isn't good enough for you then maybe Idena Menzel's is. I think she is a pretty credible source.

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Beth said...

Thanks Bailey!!! I'm so glad you guys love them. I love teaching for Ladybug b/c the music is fantastic (and being music majors, Adam and I were pretty picky finding a music class for our kids that we LOVED). Tiny Tim is a huge hit. There are super cute hand motions to it, someday I'll teach it to you guys. :)