Dresser Inspiration

If you have looked at my Pinterest Boards then you know that we will be giving two dressers a makeover sometime in the near future (hopefully). One we already have and one we are picking up this weekend that we found for $60 on Craigslist. The one in our bedroom no longer works for us and it seems a little juvenile. So we are going to give that one to the kiddos. It's been through a couple transformations already. It went from white with pastel stenciled butterflies, to a chocolate brown paint, to the dark stain it is now. I'm thinking we'll do something along the lines of these...
This one I found on Pinterest and couldn't find the original link to give credit. If you know where this originated please let me know so I can credit the photo.
This one I found on Rearranged Design. I like them both, but envision doing mine in different colors. Maybe yellow or green? I like the orange but I feel like orange is more of a boy color. I need something a little more gender neutral. I like the turquoise in the top image a lot. The dresser we have is shaped similarly to both of these. Tall, four drawers, with clean lines. I'm most excited about this one because I think you can take a lot more risks with kids furniture to make them fun and funky. You can be a lot more creative. It will be really fun.

I'm having a harder time with the one for our room. It is a low dresser with six drawers. Three on each side. It too has very clean lines. The problem is Denny and I often don't agree on things. So far we both really like this one...
Found on Three Men and a Lady. I love this. I think I love it though because of the whole room. Grey and yellow is one of my favorite color combos. I'm not sure this will have the same effect on the dresser we have. This is much more ornate which makes it much more interesting. I think if we painted the dresser we have all yellow it might just look plain. I don't know. I do love it though.

Anyway I can't wait to share the before and afters with you guys. I have no idea when that will be seeing as though with in a week we will have a newborn. Hopefully it will be sooner than later though.

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Crazy Lady said...

Bailey!! glad to find your blog again, love those dressers, the half circle one might be calling my name! such cute ideas you have, you are way talented. good lucky with the new babe