Another Favorite Blanket

When you are expecting a baby the most abundant gift people give you are clothes. I think a close second is blankets. When we were expecting Miss. S we got blankets of every size, texture, color you name it we got it. However we found that we were using the same ones over and over again. I already did a post on our favorite receiving blankets. Now it's on to another one of our favorites.
My friend Krista gave us a small car seat/stroller sized blanket when we had Miss. S. It is darling. It has a soft minky on one side and a mix of florals and textures on the other. It quickly became one of our favorites. It was so useful too. Perfect for going places with us whether in the car seat or stroller. Not too big and bulky. It was easy to grab and go. So recreating this blanket was one of the first things on my list when we found out we were expecting. And how fun that I got to make it totally different for a boy!
Besides receiving blankets this is the first blanket I have ever made on my own. Without the help of my Mom, sisters or friends. I used the blanket made by Krista as a guide for this one. First of all when I got the fabric in the mail that I ordered I about died. It was even better than I had hoped. I used 9 9.5" squares. Two of them being the same minky I used for the back and one chenille for the middle. The rest I tried to mix and match different patterns. I loved the chevron stripes so much I had to use it twice. It turned out just perfect. I love it so much. It took me about 4 hours from start to finish to make. I think it would have gone faster except I had never worked with chenille before and it was a little tricky getting it to line up correctly. For my first time though it went pretty smoothly and the results were just what I wanted. I'm a little anxious to try out another one. It was really fun to do.


Ashley and Aaron said...

CUTE blanket! Someday I'll start sewing...someday. Right now the only thing I have sewn are my family's Christmas stockings which I am IMMENSELY proud of.

Bailey said...

I've been meaning to make Christmas Stockings for the past three years. Hasn't gotten done. You SHOULD be proud of that!