Mommy Guilt & Japan Relief

I must be really tired today or this pregnancy is just starting to take it's toll on my emotions. I've noticed over the last couple days that my patience level is on a rapid decline and Miss. S has been particularly whinny. Not a good combination. That means more shouting and snapping from me. Poor thing. She really doesn't deserve it. I just can't stand to hear another "Mommy" in a high pitched whine. It's driving me bonkers. I'm sure it's from lack of sleep. I wake up about ten times a night now either to use the loo or adjust my sleeping position. I feel really bad. I should be really enjoying these last couple weeks where it's just the two of us. Playing with her, taking her on outings, painting with her or just laughing with her. It makes me sad to think that we won't ever be just the two of us again and this is how I'm spending my time with her. Counting down the minutes until nap time so that we can both get some much needed rest. Generally we really have been having a good time together. It's just been the last couple days. Which is really bad timing. Cause today when she went down for a nap I turned on the news and immediately the guilt set in. I have no right at all to complain about anything right now let alone a whiney child. If that's the least of my problems then I'm pretty blessed. Watching the coverage of the Earthquake/Tsunami aftermath over the past few days has put a lot of things into perspective. Just imagining all the children who lost their parents or the parents who are missing their children makes me ache to my very core. And here I am safe and sound and grouchy. That is just so wrong. It definitely makes me take a second look at how I need to change my attitude. How I need to count my blessings and love the ones who are around me.

As I watch the footage on T.V. of everything that's happening in Japan I'm moved to want to do more. I know that every little bit helps at this time of need. Last night we we were going through all the things we need to give away. We thought for a moment about just walking them out to the trash. Then the guilt set in. I knew we couldn't just throw perfectly good items in the trash when so much was needed else where. This morning I reed this blog post at Tea Rose Home and was reminded that you don't need to donate tons of money for it to make a difference. Even the smallest donation goes to good use. I encourage you to read that post. The author is directly effected by the Tsunami as she is from one of the areas that was hit the hardest. She still has most of her family and friends there. She did a lot of research as to the best places to donate to. I'm adding this button to my sidebar. If you would like more information as to what you can do to help just click on the button.
It will take you to her post and then direct you to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Humanitarian Aid page. I am a member of this church and I know that all donations go towards those who are in the greatest need. I mentioned last week that we had a quilting night with the teenage girls that go to church with us. We were assembling quilts to donate to the church. I can only hope that soon they will be on their way to those who are effected in Japan. Just remember every little bit helps. The people of Japan and any others who are effected are in my prayers daily.

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Beth said...

Yes, don't beat yourself up. The first time I really screamed at Tyler (I mean, in a BAD way) was when I was about 8 or 9 months prego. Hasn't happened much, but I still remember it. Forgive yourself and move on. Breathe and you won't do it again. Watch an extra movie (or two) - better to watch movies than to fight in my opinion. Especially when you are near the end of your pregnancy. She can probably sense the change, too. So don't worry - it will all be okay and baby boy will be born and before you know it, it will be the three of you hanging out all day and it will be wonderful. They will be the best of friends. Even though it doesn't feel like it, it will go so quickly. So treat yourself, and Scout, during these last couple weeks. Make cookies and watch movies, play, read books/magazines. It will all be ok.